Trip Classification

Trip Classification

Trip Classification is generally used to bifurcate the Trip that needs to be configured as a Business trip or Personal trip.

This will help to calculate how many vehicles have been traveled for the business and for Personal.

There are options to select the Trip 

  • Business Trip 

  • Personal Trip 

  • Invalid Trip

Configuration of Trip

  • Once login you need to click on Setting

  • Select the Master and in that Classify Trip

  • Then you need to select the vehicle 

  • Once the vehicle is selected Classify Trip Overview will be displayed

  • To configure the same you need to click on the Edit Button

  • In the edit button where you need to select the Trip status and have to enter notes if needed.

  • Also there is the Trip Status with the option of Business Trip, Personal Trip, and Invalid Trip

  • Once the Trip Status is updated in the system then you can go to Trip Classification Report to view those Trip

  • There you need to select the vehicle and the overview of the Trip Classification will be displayed.

  • Once the Trip is Classified there we do have an option to delete the trip if any of them is been mistakenly created.

  • Once the trip is deleted then the Edit option will be enabled in Classify trip in Master.

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