Reseller - User Setting

Reseller - User Setting

User setting mostly contains configuration setting which can Enable or Disable various functionality of software to the particular user as shown in the figure below. In other words,
This option can be used by the user to set the functionalities described below.

Time Zone: Select the Timezone of the area from where the user will be operating the platform. So, the user will get the date and time according to their local time in the whole platform.

Date Format: Select the date format as per the reseller’s feasibility.

Time Format: Time format (12 hr / 24 hr) to appear everywhere on the platform.

Unit Of Distance: The user can select a unit of distance (Kilometer / Mile / Nautical Mile) which will be considered as per selection for that specific reseller.

User Status: This defines whether to keep this user Active or Inactive.

Store User Action: By keeping this ON, parent-level users can review all activities done by this specific reseller. Activities can be Accessing any screen, Opening / Editing / Deleting operations etc. Activities can be checked in the User Access report in the Logs section of the Report Module.

Show Default Filter Option: By keeping this feature ON, it will enable the feature to select/deselect columns on each report and it will reflect accordingly on the specific reseller sessions.

Smooth Live Tracking: This option collects all the data and then delivers it, unlike live tracking which gives notifications every second.

Show Country Border: If the reseller is willing to see the country border then select this option.

Disputed Region: This will show the disputed region for the selected company.

Immobilization: By selecting this option, the reseller will be able to use immobilize feature (If the port is attached to the object) in the Web and Mobile app.

Door: By selecting this option, resellers will be able to use the door feature in the Web and Mobile app.

Web Access: By selecting this option, resellers will be able to access the platform through the Web application. 

Mobile Access: It can restrict reseller access from other mobiles by configuring device IMEI numbers in comma-separated values.

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