Object Path

Object Path

Object path option enables the user to check the Playback of the current date of that vehicle while real-time tracking.

Where will you find this option?

1. Web

This option is available on the setting row of the live tracking screen where users have to click on Icon i.e Object with path and get it to enable.

2. Mobile App

This option is available on the live tracking tab of the Mobile App
  1. Click on the setting menu. 
  2. Enable Show Today Path in setting Menu.

How will Object Path Helpful? 

If the user wants to check the playback while live tracking then this option will be useful further. 

For Eg: The user is tracking the object is running and if a user wants to check the playback then this option will provide direct access of complete playback of the current date while Object live tracking so they can figure out the path and other details of Object directly.


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