The features of this E-lock Tracking include real-time tracking, history/playback, geo-fencing, and reports on when the container doors have been opened or closed along with the location, time, and duration.

E-Lock is an intelligent GPS lock device for asset management systems. GPS-based E-Lock system is an ideal choice for all fleet managers to safeguard their valuable assets. You just need to lock your containers with this E-Lock device instead of a simple traditional lock. And it’s all set.

Where to find this option in the System? 

1. Web

This option is available on the tooltip of the vehicle in the E-lock widget and also Dashboard widgets with Analytics Report.

Dashboard Widgets:
  1. E-lock Status
  2. Battery Status
  3. E-lock Violation's

Where to Unlock E-lock in the System? 
Live Tracking Screen - E-lock Widget

Where to see E-lock Reports?
Reports are available in Report Menu ---->E-lock Module

Alerts in the system E-Lock?
  1. ELock Motor Fault
  2. ELock Open Back Cap
  3. ELock Steel String Cut
  4. ELock Unauthorized RFID
  5. ELock Unlocking