Dashboard for Channel Partners

Dashboard for Channel Partners

Trakzee provides a dashboard for Channel Partners to manage their business.

What are widgets?

Widgets are classified into two categories for betterment:

  1. Activity: it contains widgets for Model wise devices, Web v/s Mobile users, etc.

  2. Logs: It contains widgets related to the Violation log, Email log, etc.

How is Dashboard Useful?

Dashboards help channel partners to get any information from the dashboard, take for instances:

Channel partners can get details of Users using applications from web v/s Users using applications from mobiles.

Another use can be Channel Partners can get logs of faulty devices etc.


How can the dashboard be customized?

The dashboard can be customized by the user as per their need:

  • Select charts or graphs that are most useful in their industry.

  • Users can just drag and drop to change the position of the charts.

  • Users can select charts to display by the size they are defined.

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